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Sell By Area

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Sell By the Box

We spent years perfecting our app to sell Custom Flooring so you don't need to.

50+ Tailored Features to Boost Your Custom Flooring Sales on Shopify

Option Price Calculator

Inline Calculators

Coverage and Room Size Calculators Made Easy

Eliminate the need for customers to find a real calculator.

Include custom calculators directly on your product pages or in a popup for shoppers to use.

Choose from pre-built calculators, customize them for your store, or create your own.

By the Box Pricing

Streamline Your Flooring Sales with By-the-Box Pricing

Instant Calculations: Shoppers input their space's dimensions to see exactly how many boxes of flooring they need.

Transparent Total Cost: Display the complete cost upfront, including any discounts and overage, ensuring no surprises at checkout.

Effortless Purchasing: Make buying simpler for any project, from DIY efforts to major renovations or construction. Our system handles the math, so your customers don't have to.

Sell By Area or Dimensions

Optimize Flooring Pricing by Area & Dimensions

Scale Discounts Automatically: Lower prices as area requirements increase to stay competitive.

Transparent Pricing: Display reduced unit prices per area clearly to assure customers they’re getting the best deal.

Win Big Projects: Gain precise control over product pricing, offering savings that attract larger projects.

Increase Customer Loyalty: Customers save more with bulk purchases, encouraging repeat business and referrals.


Account for Waste Material and Overage

Enable customers to include a buffer for waste to avoid running out of material mid-project.

Offer options to automatically add a set percentage for overage directly into the material calculations.

This feature not only boosts your sales but also leads to more satisfied customers.

Calculate Product Weight

Ensure Accurate Shipping Costs with Weight Calculations

Your shipping costs will quickly get out of control without accurate shipping weights.

Ensure perfect shipping costs with support for:

  • Calculating product weight with a formula
  • Assigning Shopify Shipping Profile & Location
  • Defining a SKU from selected options


Flexible Discounting

Discount flooring material in any way:

  • By Area
  • By Quantity
  • By Length
  • By the Box
  • By the Piece

Variant & Product Metadata

Use Existing Shopify Options

Effortlessly sell products by box, color, size, shape, and material using existing Shopify options — no need to relocate product options, and one calculator can support thousands of products.

Use product and variant level metadata in formulas to calculate important customer facing information.

Formula Based Calculations

Price Options Using Formula Based Calculations

Get FULL control over calculating product price.

  • Calculate option pricing
  • Use variables in your calculations
  • Calculate quantity, area or length based discounts
  • Get values from pricing tables with a formula
  • Conditional calculations

Pricing Tables

Use Pricing Tables for Perfect Pricing

Accurately price blinds, curtains, valances and add-ons from customer dimensions.

Adjust the price by proportion, area, length, width or type.

Easily reduce the unit price of larger blinds or increase the price of smaller ones.

Swatch Options

Display all your options exactly how you want.

With over 15 option types, including multi-select, several measurement styles and swatch options, you have the power to create any product configuration.

Customers love us


"I've gotta say, Option Price Calculator is a lifesaver for my blind shop on Shopify. Setting up different prices for all those custom sizes and materials was driving me nuts. Now, customers can just pick what they want, and the price pops up like magic. Plus, the support team? Super friendly and always there when I hit a snag. Two thumbs up!"


"Hey fellow curtain sellers, if you're not using this app, you're missing out! It makes all that complicated pricing stuff so simple. Customers love seeing the price change as they choose their options. It's like they're playing a game, and my sales are going up! Had a little issue setting it up, but the help team was on it in no time. Really happy with this find!"


"Running a custom blind and curtain store online can be a bit of a headache, especially with pricing. But this app? Game changer! Customers can mix and match styles and sizes, no more back-and-forth emails about costs. Plus, the team behind the app is always updating things and making it even better. So glad I found this tool!"

Instructions & Download Links

Include Inline Instructions And Measurement Form Downloads

Clear instructions and download links are important when selling custom blinds and curtains online.

  • Tooltips & Help text
  • Modal popup instruction windows
  • Custom HTML instructions
  • Download links
  • Show calculated values anywhere

Conditional Logic

Conditionally Show And Hide Options

Different configurations require different options. Add rules to show and hide options or specific option values from customer selections.


  • Manual and motorized lift require completely different configuration
  • Inside or outside mounting changes how measurements should be taken
  • Color only available for certain material


Specifically Built For Shopify Flooring stores


Shopify Product & Variant Metadata Support

Reference Pricing, Sizing And Other Details Stored In Shopify Metadata

Store important pricing or sizing data in Shopify product and variant metadata fields. Reference metadata fields in Option Price Calculator calculations.

  • Change price from selected variant
  • Change weight for shipping
  • Change sizing requirements

Product Image Swap

Update Product Image Based on Selected Options

Your customers want to know what their blinds or curtains will look like before purchasing.

Swap the main Shopify product image when colors and options are changed in the app.

100% Customizable


Your store is unique and your product configuration should match that style. Option Price Calculator has you covered with built in styles for just about everything.

No built in style, no problem. Simply add a CSS Name to the option and apply your own custom styling. You will have Option Price Calculator matching your stores unique styling in no time.



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